Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Government Christmas Present

Welcome to Socialism, Nazism, the most corrupt government ever to be created.

The Democrats are plowing through the Health Care Bill that 80% of Americans DON'T want.

Obama is wanting to sign and Cap and trade bill for Climate Change that is based on BOGUS Numbers. They are LIES. Yet, Obama does not want to look at the truth. He wants to destroy America and created a Civil War in America.

Well, he is on the fast track for that.

This NON-American is destroying this country, and our Congress is so corrupt that they refuse to reviel the truth. Both sides.

We need to remove all these corrupt A-Holes from office Put people in office that will reverse what these corrupt officials have forced upon us. Repeal the Health Care takeover, repael the cap and trade job loser repeal all those little laws that give the President "Dictator" powers.

All these have to be repealed then go after the FED. Remove them and wipe our debt. We will no longer owe bankers TRILLIONS of dollars. Dissolve the IRS. Go to a fair tax that will put more money in the government coffers than anything the Government can come up with.

There are 60+ MILLIONS that are not paying taxes. That puts more of a burden on the ones that do pay taxes. Going with fair tax everyone pays. You buy something you pay a tax period.

We Americans have to stand up for our rights or we will not have any rights left. We will be like the victims in the concentration camps. Being told what we can do, eat, say, anyone goes against the Government will disappear.

The warning has been going out for years now is when the rubber hits the road, you will either be a HERO to the American people or be a slug that refused to stand up against a corruptive government and your fellow Americans. We will be known as the Former America. America as we know it will no longer exist.

We will be known and the most corruptive government on the face of the earth.

We will either have a civil war to remove these corrupt officials from office or we will be invaded by outside forces to remove these corruptive officals from office. Take you pick. We clean house or someone else will come in and take over America.

Your choice.

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