Saturday, December 19, 2009


With every corrupt vote in Washington against the People is one step closer to Civil War.

This corrupt take over of America is the straw that is breaking the camels back.

Stop it NOW!!!

It is known by all that the Democrats have no values to the people they represent. They are nothing but corrupt and is forcing upon us what they don't want.

They don't want this Health care for themselves but they want to force it upon us who also don't want it. But this is a bill that will make the Democrats Famous.

Yes, Famous is right. More like Famous for the Destruction of America.

If nothing is done soon it will be too late to change anything unless there is a Civil War.

They want to outlaw weapons, outlaw internet, outlaw speech, outlaw anything they see as a threat to them. You scoff now. But do nothing you will see:

Welcome to the Socialist Takeover of America. Nazism Lives in the Democrats. We now have a Hitler of our own. How many Americans will he kill? Will he have Gas Chambers? Firing Squads? Forced to take drugs that kill? Cut off Shipments of food? Close off the highway system so you need papers to go from home to work? Work for free? Listen in to every phone call in America, every E-mail, every video?

If you refuse to act now you can say Welcome to Death, Cradle to Grave, They will decide if you get born and decide when you die. They will track your every movement in America and beyond. They will determine what you will do in life. You will no longer have free choice, no free will. Just like the U.S.S.R. did with its population. You go to school and learn to create weapons of mass destruction. If the Government does not like your progress you will be killed outright or sent to some settlement in Alaska that is a work camp that will kill you in a few months to years.

Farms will cease to exist. We will have Government farms. Who will work it. to create food for the rest of Americans. Yes, you laugh, you scoff, but when this does happen to you it will be too late to rebel. They will have taken every avenue of rebeilous actions away.
This has all happened before but you are going to allow it to happen again.

Unless you step forward now you can look forward to this to come.

Obama is using scare tactics to get you to say yes to his Corrupt policies, but truth is in history. Why do you think they don't teach history anymore? Not the real history. Just stuff like Discovery of America, man on the moon. Not what the Germans did in WWII, what the U.S.S.R. did behind the Iron Curtian. What China does behind its walls.

Listen to Obama - Work for free.

Wake up America. Smell what Obama is shoveling. It's foul. Spend time to think for yourself. Look at what is really happening in America. It is not a good thing that the Democrats are forcing upon us.

If they get Health Care passed and Cap and trade and this new water bill you will not be able to afford to go to corner grocery store let alone go on vacation. Business will go out of business because they cannot afford the taxes or the prices to keep products on the shelves.

These are things to come if nothing is done now.

Look at Cuba. Look at WWII Germany. Look at the U.S.S.R. Look at China. Look at all the countries that have Dicators. How the people are treated, the freedoms or lack of.

Funny Democrats love Cuba and how the Health Care is provided there. There is no innovation there. Everything they have came in from Russia, or China, or North Korea. Look they can't afford anything. This is where the Democrats want to take America. The people in charge have all the perks and the people have nothing and they kill or imprison anyone who is against the government. Them and in some cases the whole family to bring a point to the sheeple this could also happen to you and your family.

These are things to come in America if we stay on this course of corruption.

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