Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Truth comes out

Well this morning the truth came out.

OBAMA LIED!!!! With this new Health care bill. employers will have to change health care because of the taxes on what you like. It is in the new bill. Insurance Companies are Against it. The American People are Against it but the Democrats are trying to pass it because of the Corruption that is in Washington today.

If you are a Democrat, or a Republican, or follow any other party, Be afraid. Very afraid.

Listen if you like to protest which the Democrats did when President Bush was in Office or protest now because of Obama curb what Congress is doing. In two years if you let these corrupt officials run amock you will have no freedoms. Obama already said he wants a single payer Health care system. The Government. He is in favor of getting rid of the first and seccond amendments. No freedom of Speech and no weapons. We are moving closer and closer to a Nazi style government.

If you do nothing we will have a Nazi style government including Obama's SS troops. There are little snippits in the news from time to time that prove this.

But people refuse to listen to the truth. They think that Government is the answer to all their problems. We need to take over our country. Special Interest has destroyed this country and the Corrupt politicians in Washington have thumbed their noses at the American People. Don't believe me look at Pelosi, Dodd, Frank and Rangel. There are the four horsemen of corruption.

So now we have to pay more for Health Care. In most cases $4000 MORE per family. Not $4000. But think what you pay now and add $4000 to it. That is what your new health care will cost. Plus add 400% increase to your energy tax. Think about it 400% more in gas. 400% more in electric. That is just what comes out of your pocket for home that does not include the 400% to 700% increase in food, lesure items, cell phones, TV's, CABLE, DISH, the cost will go thru the roof and then when you complain it will be too late. You need to act now.

Contact you Senator and Congressman or woman and tell them no to Obama Health Care and no to Obama Cap and Trade. Otherwise known as Crap and Tax.

Why are Democrats so ignorant to the truth? Do you really believe propaganda news service?

Wake up America.

See ya at a Tea Party.

Wanna hear the truth.

Listen to Talk Radio.

It will open your eyes.

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