Sunday, October 11, 2009

How stupid are the American people?

You hear each and every month. Job losses. But the propaganda press a.k.a. main stream media tells us it is not as bad as expected. Good numbers only 50,000 people applied for unemployment this month, less than expected. The stupid Americans take this as good news.

Where is the outrage? Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize. He has done nothing but berate America to the rest of the world. He wins the prize for 2 weeks in office. Lets see he beratted America and the American people. He bows at the feet of the Saudi King. He works on destroying America by taking over Insurance, Banks, Auto, and is working on Energy and Health Care. Why is Government in all aspects of my life?

Government is here only to protect us from the rest of the world and you see that they have not done that. What are they doing? They are leaving our borders open and handcuffing the local law enforcment from acting. They cannot arrest people illegal in our country. What about that. The Democrats have made it possible for illegals to vote in our elections. That is against our Constitution. You have to be a citizen to vote. Now you just have to be in a city that accepts illegals. Who pays for all these illegals? We do. Why?

The Corruption in Washington, DC is on the fast track. I feel that just about everyone is corrupt. There may be a few that are not but none come to mind at the moment.

Most of the Republicans are as corrupt as the Democrats. It is not just one party.

I am ready for these corrupt laws to be repealed. These Corrupt politicians to be replaced with someone who is not as corrupt, and the American people to take charge of our country.

Why do you think home schooling is so big? The corruption in Government run Education.

When the Government schools allow graduates to leave the 12th grade with a 6th grade education. Home Schoolers are doing much better than Government Schools. Yes there are a few exceptions but person to person the rate is much better in home school than Government school.

Another item not covered by Propaganda media.

Everyday we have Obama and the Democrats in charge the closer we get to a nazi style government. People complained about President Bush but we have lost more freedoms under Obama in the last 9 month then we have in this countries 233 years.

But you don't hear that from the main stream media. That is because they are the Propaganda machine for the Democrats.

When will the American people open their eyes to the truth? It is out there but you do have to look for it. Its not hard. The propaganda machine sometimes slips a few stories by but only a few. Enough to catch the truth. But American people don't want to be brothered.

Well its time to pay attention or lose all your freedoms.

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