Friday, April 5, 2013

An Idiot wants Gun Control

Obama gave a speech the other day stating he has no idea what an automatic weapon is.

This is the same idiot that wants to take those so called weapons away from you.  This is nothing more than a ploy to take you guns away.  It has happened all over the world in the last 100 years.  Look at those countries, Dictators or a government that ignores it people. 

We are already at the point where our government ignores us, but we still have guns to take back our country.

Read the Constitution.  2nd Amendment.  We have a right to bear arms, the same that the government has.  This is to allow us to fight against our government.

You can ask the Jews in Germany back in the 1930's and 40's, Stalin Russia, Communist China, Oh yea you can't.  Because those who opposed these Dictators are no longer alive.  All executed by the Dictators.  Forced onto trains and shipped to death camps.

You don't think Obama will not do the same?   Your a fool.

It's amazing how History repeats itself when people are told to ignore history.

Look at what Government has done to education?  No longer teaches history and the history they do teach starts AFTER the Civil War.  Why?

They are saying because of time.  How much time they have to teach.  Too much goofing off time.  That is what homework was for.  Not in class.  Get the student ready for College.  Oh yea, some of these kids can't even read, write or balance a checkbook when they graduate High School.

You don't think any of this has to do with Gun Control?  Your wrong.

If little Johnny can't read he has no idea what the 2nd Amendment is or what it is for.  Protection against our Government.

Now the Government makes it a crime to feed the homeless.  How is that part of gun control.  Most homeless are former military.  Put a gun in their hands and you have someone who can take out the corruption in office.

Don't feed them, let them starve or break in somewhere and get arrested.  That way they can be sent to death camps on the hush, hush.

All the problems we have in America today are a directly related to bad laws and policies put forth by Congress, Supreme court and the President.

You look at stolen identities, directly related to use of Social Security Numbers.

Look at Housing crisis, directly related to forcing banks to give loans to people who can't make payments.

Look at Obamacare, A systematic destruction of health care in America. 

The list goes on and on.  Put them all together and you have a dumb down citizen that has no idea about gun control. 

How about drones to spy on American people and if the government decides you are a threat to the Government  not America, you could be targeted by that drone and destroyed.

There are alot of branches here and they all go back to a root problem - it's called a corrupt government top to bottom.

The sooner you see the truth, the safer you and your family will be. 

Why did they get rid of broadcast television?  You now need a special television or a box on your old television to watch anything on television.

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