Thursday, April 1, 2010

wholesale destruction of America

Obama hates America.

He wants to destroy America and the American dream.

Well, he has done it so far.

Unless we stop this wholesale destruction of America it will be gone soon.

He will attack anyone he sees as a hindrance to his policies.

The more we attack him the more he shows his true colors and motives.

The Propaganda machine is helping him by attacking our Military, Police, and Anyone who belives in the Constitution and the rights it gives us.

The Ignorant Drones who can't think for themselves are the ones we are trying to protect, to give them the right to scream and attack The Presidents they hate because the propaganda machine said so.

When we attack Obama they call us terrorists.

Well, the folks in Congress were the Terrorists of America in the 60's

They don't want you to follow in their footsteps because we will be the ones in Office soon and we will reverse all the steps they have taken to destroy this great nation.

So keep up the attacks and ignore the brainwashed drones who have no idea that they are the ones destroying this nation.

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