Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Target on the Backs of Americans

As the news points out, Obama has now painted a target on the backs of all Americans.  He made it fine for other countries to attack us with any means including nukes and we would not respond in like.  

Is this a prescription for disaster? 

You bet.  According to Obama's new policy we will no longer strike back with nukes if America and the American people are attacked by any means including nukes. 

Yes, if LA or NY are wiped off the face of the planet Obama will do nothing about it.   We Americans will not be able to protect ourselves.

Thanks to Barry's new policy we now all have bullseye on our backs.

If you like him or not this is a policy that will be the destruction of America and our Government will not protect it's citizens. 

They will stand by and watch the citizens of America be killed and will not lift a finger to protect us.  That is Obama's new policy.

At what point will the American people say enough is enough. 

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