Friday, April 30, 2010

reviewing history

I was reviewing some aspects of America and the Constitution that gave us the right to be a free nation under a small government that protects our borders and seamlessly keep the states in touch with one another.

The Congress a.k.a. progressives, liberals have attempted to destroy this country. Forcing laws upon the people in the middle of the night.

It is now time for the American people to take back our rights the Congress has tried to steal from us.

The Green a.k.a. tree lovers movement has done more to destroy this country than any other group in history. It is now illegal to seek energy, wood, minerals, waters or settle. It is time to change the landscape of judges and lawyers who seek to sue anyone for anything to fill their pockets at the expense of the citizen or the taxpayer.

It is time for the American people to take back the country that our fathers, grand fathers and great grand fathers came to American for. A chance to make it rich in America by hard work.

Today we have a Government that if trying to force us into socialism, forcing us to purchase government health care that is worse than any out there.

We have a government that refuses to protect our borders and goes after States that are doing what the government should be doing.

They are calling the AZ law racists because it singles out non Americans. The illegals here are in an uproar that the states are now going to force them out of the country something the federal government refuses to do.

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