Sunday, December 14, 2008

Linux Newbie Admin Guide

Hey if you are unsure about Linux. Go to and look up Linux Newbie Administration Guide. The first section will tell you all you want to know if you are unsure about moving to Linux.
You will get a feel for what you can expect when moving to Linux. No More Windows.

Everything you can find on windows you can find on Linux. Two things come to mind when talking about what is available on windows and what is availiable on Linux. Well, almost everything in windows cost you extra money. On Linux it is almost all free. So you know that you pay big bucks for windows and big bucks for office software. Then there is cd/dvd software and music software and video software. Then you have eductional software and games. In windows you can wind up spending $5000.00 plus. On Linux FREE!!! Hello did that get your attention? Go over to and check it out yourself.

Thanks Sandmannc40
Same name at email Gmail with a lower s.

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