Sunday, November 3, 2013

Time to be Intolerant and get back to basics.

It is time to be an intolerant society.  Get back to the basics. 

God, Family, Neighborhood, State and Country. 

Time to get rid of the Unions that are destroying our country.  Time to get rid of the Politicians that are destroying this country and time to clean up our classrooms. 

Teach kids what a gun is at an early age.  Never point it at someone unless you intend to kill them. 

Get rid of GMO seeds.  We don't know the long term effects of it.  Many believe it causes cancer.  Go back to Heirloom seeds that you can grow and plant next year.  GMO is a one year crop. 

Think about that next time you look at a garden of food. 

If that is GMO, that is all there is.  If that is Heirloom, we have food for Generations. 

Government has gotten too big.  Telling us we can't use rainwater to water our gardens.  There was a motion to outlaw home gardens. 

Time to get rid of the criminals known as illegal aliens.  They broke the law.  Secure our borders.  Put in laws that make it the worse place for Illegals. 

You illegally enter any other country and you go to prison or get forced back across the border.  You won't get food stamps, a place to live a free cell phone, Welfare and be able to vote illegally and get away with it.
Here they do....

We have a corrupt court system that have forgotten what we stand for.  They want to bring in other countries laws and force them upon us. 

We have two choices, Civil war, or a destroyed country from within.  

We have propaganda news that can't report the truth anymore. 

Socialism only works until you run out of other peoples money.  

Then the people in charge have all the money and the rest of us are to fight among ourselves to survive. 

In a free society, you work for your living.  You refuse to work, you die. 

The people who actually can't work get assistance from community churches and friends.  Not Government that steals from you and pays someone Millions to give starvation wages to the people who can't work. 

Time to be Intolerant and get back to basics.

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