Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Government OUT of CONTROL!!!

Have you paid any attention to the news lately?

Let's take a look at what is happening in America today.

1. That woman from the IRS who targeted Conservatives, got wind (while being paid for being suspended) she was going to get fired.  What did she do?  She quit so she could keep her pension and we are held responsible for her legal fees.

2.  Obama will not talk to Republicans over the budget, but will talk to the Terrorist Leader of IRAN about nukes.

3.  Democrats have now ignored the people.  They are doing what they want, saying your too stupid to know what you want.  Forcing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), which will tax you if you have insurance, and tax you if you don't have insurance.  Will tax your business for hiring full time personnel.

4.  All the government, Supreme court has ignored the Constitution, Government has ignored the people, and the government is now trying to pass the illegal immigration bill which will give illegals, legal status and more benefits than natural Born Americans.

This is for all those assho*** who refused to see the truth 20 years ago when some cities were letting illegals vote.

5.  Congress and the President have fought every instance of voter ID laws.  You have to show ID for everything in America.  ID to write a check, ID to cash a check not at your bank, ID to get tags for your car, ID to see the Doctor, but congress says it will not allow poor people to vote.  They need ID for everything else in America.  Maybe we should do what other countries do.  Dip the finger in permanent INK.  This way you can't vote twice.  Secondly with ID the Dead can no longer vote.  Trunk load of ballots from people who don't exhist will no longer be allowed.

6.  A child playing cops and robbers AT HOME is expelled from school.  Called zero tolerance.

7.  Common core, this is as bad as it gets for education.  We are far down in education in America and this will ensure we fall near the bottom.  This government can't have educated population.  Otherwise they would know that this government is the most CORRUPT in HISTORY.

8.  Our leaders watching Americans getting killed.  Did NOTHING to help fellow Americans.

9.  This government has disarmed schools, military bases, nursing homes, businesses, and cities.  That is where all the mass shootings occur.  The criminals know the people can't shoot back.  And what is Obama's response?  Disarm America.  So only the government and criminals will have guns, Citizens and Military will not have access to guns.

There are many, many other examples.  Maybe it's time you grew a pair and defend this country your parents, grandparents, great grandparents came to America for.  The freedom it promised that you are allowing a few criminals take away from you.

Time to wake up people.

There are some people who have listened to winds, have purchased guns, ammo, seeds, food, water and water filters.  Some are making bunkers.

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