Saturday, April 26, 2008

XP vs Vista?

Well, since I just moved to XP last year from Win 98. I am not looking forward to moving to Vista. I do not want to debug windows latest operating system. If they are too lazy to do it themselves, why will I put up with that frustration plus having to pay for it. Talk about getting penatrated twice. So any work you put on the computer is most likely gone. Or some shumck can go on your computer through some unsecured address. No thanks. I had a real hard time giving up my 98. Some of my software did not work with the upgrade to XP. Will some of my software not work with Vista? I am very tired of forking out money or loosing software because of Microsoft. I perfer using Linux. If only it would work with the web better. I cannot look at some web sites without windows, on my computer. But most of the web sites work on Linux. Better apps and it almost never crashes. You can't say that about Windows.

I do use Linux and had it running on my computer for several months. Never shut it off. Not one hangup. I leave XP running for 3 days and nothing works. Have to reboot computer for anything to work. I think if more people moved to Linux, and fixed up the programs that did not work, except for under windows. Then we could really put the screws to Microsoft. Besides its free unless you want a windows clone, there is a Linux or two that simulate windows and recuire money. Like paying for windows, without the comforts of Windows.

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