Friday, November 18, 2016

Obama and the Liberal Democrats have tried to ruin this country.

Remember when Obama purchased back old cars?  That was a failure.

Remember when Obama said you could keep your insurance and your Doctor? Another mega failure.

Remember when you voted for hope and change.  You got the change with no hope.  Hence the President Elect Trump.

IRS going after Conservatives, Tea Party groups.  

Remember when Obama and All the Liberal Democrats said if you have a business you didn't build it?  The government built the roads and lights you use.  Two false statements there.  First, the government didn't build it, the government builds nothing, secondly, yes you did pay for it with the massive amount of taxes you pay. 

Remember when Obama had that professor who broke the law and Obama stuck his nose in there and had a beer summit at the White House?  That was when Obama started his crusade against the Police, leading to all the murdered cops killed by Black Lives Matter, the same group Obama has had at the White House several times. 

Now you have Obama telling protesters to keep protesting. 

Remember we have Wikileaks to thank for exposing all the corruptness this government is involved with.

So if you are against President Elect Trump. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

There are many Democrats that have moved over to the Republican side to vote for President Elect Trump.  The main reason is Health care that was destroyed by the Democrats.  Democrats are the only ones who voted for it.  A bill no one read, no was allowed time to read, and was pushed by the party, that is why only Democrats voted for Obamacare and it turns out to be a disaster.  The people finally figured it out when their insurance bill came due. 

I would say, Obama was unqualified to be President.  The only reason he got the job is because he was black.  Many black people had to suffer 8 years of this administration to realize Obama is NOT their friend.  He wants their vote and gives them food stamps, phones, welfare, life long unemployment as long as Obama is in office.

A Congress who refuses to do their job.  If Congress had did their job we wouldn't have 8 years of Obama.  He would have been impeached for any number of crimes against America and Americans.

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