Wednesday, April 1, 2015

America, the truth you need to hear

Why am I disgusted with American Government today?

How about Obama,
Offering two year plus unemployment, so the lazy can keep this bunch of criminals in office.   Spending American tax dollars to try to outster Isreal's leader, B. Netineu.  When that fails wanting to cut ties to Iseral.
How about Congress,
Obamacare, where NO politician read the bill before passing it.  (Done by the Democrats for the Democrats, for votes.)  Then they exempt themselves from the very same law they pose on us, Why?  Aren't they Americans too?  Why are they above the law?
Why Republicans keep going along with Obama and his anti American policies?
Why the politicians refuse to do the will of the people.
Why is Obama still in office?  Why is Holder still in office?  Why is Pelosi still in office?  Why is Reed still in office?  Why is McCain still in office?  Why is Bohner still in office?  The list keeps going on and on.  These are the people behind the destruction of America?
How about the Supreme Court,
Why is the Supreme court stuffed with Anti Americans.  When the Supreme court reviews laws, they are to use the Constitution, not some third world communist puppet regime.  But yet, the Supreme court justices have stated they used other than the Constitution to decide American Law.  Why are they still on the court and not in prison?  They all took the same oath the military takes.
How about Illegals,
They are told in Mexico how to curb the system to get free food stamps, housing, and every other handout that is denied Americans who worked paid taxes for.  Obama is fast tracking Illegals to illegal citizenship so they can vote Democratic.  Re-elect the criminals back into office.
How about the blacks,
Here is a touchy subject.  The blacks keep voting Democrats because they keep giving them free handouts.  In turn the Democrats have despised the blacks from the very get go.  Yet the American people are fed propaganda instead of the truth, and people are too lazy playing video games to seek the truth, instead they listen to race baiters Obama and Sharpton.  Both getting rich off the misery of the black man.
How about the Military,
As military we took an oath to protect America from enimies both foreign and demostic. We have massive enemies here in America, it's called the federal government, and nothing is being done about it except to hear propaganda media call Constitution loving, Military serving veterans, and Conservatives enemies to this criminal enterprise posing as our government.  Why is the Veterans administration still there?  The EPA?  The IRS?  The NSA?  The Dept of Energy?  The Dept of Education?  Here is another list that keeps going.  The Veterans Administration only thing they do is play keep away our military from the care they need and then get rewarded for it, with massive tax payer funded bonuses.  This is where the real outrage should be.
America was founded on God, Family and Country.  Today all we hear is how good Government is?  The only good thing this government is doing is destroying America from within.  Our founding fathers saw this day coming and they told us how to fix it.   Yet Americans refuse to pay attention. 

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