Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So much to comment about

Where to start?

There was a news article about how far America has fallen in the world! It was a question and had ten reasons why America has fallen. My answer was:

Our corrupt government and the EPA!

Yes our corrupt government officials and the departments they created like the EPA, and the taxpayer money thrown to ACORN or whatever they call themselves today and throwing money at the UNIONS like SEIU and the Teachers Union.

They use the EPA to destroy the American jobs and ship them overseas.

Then they wonder why America is failing?

Those are the idiots we have running the country.

Then we have free lunches in America. How many students in America get free lunches? 3/4 of the students going to school?

How many are students that are illegals or from parents that are illegals? 1/4 of the Students?

Then they graduate and can't read, can't write and are waiting for the government to give them something like in school - free lunches so when Obama promised free health care they all jumped on the band wagon.

They are willing to destroy the best health care in the world to get so called free health care.

How stupid are the American people?

On yes that is were the next item to talk about - Education in America.

We have an Education system in America that wants more and more money but produce dumber and dumber citizens. What is the common thread here?

The Government involvement in our Education system. Then we have the Teachers Unions and Tenure. They say you work for 3 years at school then you have a job for life. No matter how bad your performance.

Yes Tenure. The ticket to a life time job.

Unless you kill someone or rape a student you have a job for life.

There are school districts in American where the Teachers are accused of touching a student and are removed from the classroom and now that teacher sits in an old school and wait to be called for sub duty. By the way that school district in on the East coast near the home of the Liberty Bell. That is still plenty of school districts there but you can figure out it is in a medium to large city.

They bring their lunch and a book and they read and eat in this building and wait to be called up. Collecting their full pay and benefits.

We the American people and taxpayers are paying for them to sit in that room.

Tenure keeps them on the payroll. Sucking the profit out of the American dream.

Just like the Illegal in GA (Headlines in the news) that graduated from High School and wants to go to college and wants the American people to foot the bill just like they did in school so far.
Wants grants and in state tuition. In other words wants the American people to pay for college.

We the American people are being destroyed by the corrupt in office. Now every American in American has broken laws that are on the books.

Such as the lady who faces FELONY charges for having hedges too high?

What you say?

Yes, very true.

So, now we need to look at local governments. Let's look at the city of Bell, CA.

Yes those crooks who were sucking millions out of the city for their own personal cash box.

Needing more insight the destruction of America by the crooks in office?

The city of Bell is just the tip of the iceberg. How many other cities are in the same boat? The city council is raping the citizens to fund their own personal piggy bank.

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