Friday, August 27, 2010

Nazism and KKK Combined

All you have to do is read blogs and watch Propaganda news and you will be told that the Tea Parties and Republicans are bad for America.

But if you are an American and believe in America then you know the true Americans are the Tea Party and Republicans The Progressives and Democrats are like KKK and Nazism combined. They call for the round up and death of all citizens that don't believe what they believe. If that is not Nazism then you are one of them.

The Democrats and Progressives should be thrown in Jail for crimes against America and the American citizen. Just the fact that they are destroying America from the inside out and blaming it on President Bush.

Obama thinks it is fine to build the Mosque NY city I think it should be shut down on grounds of NATIONAL SECURITY!!!! It is fact that they store weapons and bombs in Mosques. We see that time and time again in Iraq. Who is to say they won't in NY? The Democrats and Progressives are either blind or in on the Destruction of America via Mosques. I believe the latter.

The corrupt Government in charge and FBI are now placing GPS devices on vehicles or tracking your GPS phone to follow you everywhere you go. If you show up on their radar screens you just might vanish off the face of the Earth and only a few people will know what happened to you. That is because they ordered or actually killed you.

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