Saturday, May 15, 2010

Robin Hood Movie

With the release of yet another Robin Hood movie I went back and looked at the Classic movies.

"The Adventures of Robin Hood" from 1938 is still by far the best. I did like Kevin Cosners version of Robin Hood. I have not seen this new one yet.

But I also started looking at other classic movies.

The War of the Worlds 1953 version is by far the best. I have seen at least 4 versions of this movie but this one from 1953 is still the one to own.

The Day the Earth Stood Still. as far as I know there are only 2 versions and the classic one with Michael Rennie was the best. The new one was heavy in graphics but lost the story line along the way.

The Time Machine with Rod Taylor was the best. This is another one that has had many remakes but only 2 were main stream and this one was the best.

The Forbidden Planet with Walter Pidgeon was the only one I know of and was the best. This was the movie that got me interested in computers, robots and science fiction.

When Worlds Collide with Richard Derr I do believe there was a remake but that one was a huge flop.

There are many other great movies out there. I have viewed the top 100 and I agree with most of them.

I mean look at Star Wars, it is now considered a classic. Great story about good and evil told in a scifi-ish way that grabed the hearts of the movie going public to make it one of the greatest movies ever made. I have seen all 6 and I like the first the best and the third the second best. All the other movies were ho-hum. I have the first 3 on VHS and I most likely will not get the last 3.

Now there are movies that are classic that were very good but the remake was better. I think the Thomas Crown Affair remake was better than the orginal the same goes for the Italian Job. Now the Italian Job was the poster boy of how to remake a movie. The new one was much better than the classic.

Now the one movie with Bruce Willis where he plays a hit man and tries to kill the president's wife. That was "The Jackal" The orginal Classic was a hit man to kill the Queen of England. The remake was good. The orginal was good. They both had the same name but could have been different movies under different titles and each would have been good.

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