Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Is Linux OS better than Windows?

Is Linux OS better than Windows? Is it? I think it is. If you use one of the window replacement versions of Linux you wind up with a great OS that will allow you to do almost anything that windows can do. I have only found one item that did not work but that may have been due to the fact that I was using a live CD version vs a installed version.

I enjoy Linux for the fact that I can get it free. I don't have to give Bill Gates and Microsoft money for something that never works right. If you think it is a great OS. Think of all the crashes you have suffered. All the documents you have lost. I like bash. Being able to do things like DOS only better. Think of bash as DOS on steroids.

So lets talk about about more things that Linux can do. How about a server. How about having a personal version of Linux. Yes you can. Build your own Linux. Put in all the security updates. Compile it and run it. Build your own Live CD. The possibilities are almost endless. If you doubt me, give Linux a try. You can install Windows and Linux on the same machine. Dual boot system.

So pull that old computer out of the closet, download a version of Linux. Pick one. One you like. Time to spend a little time with your new OS. Within a year you will know how to use Linux.

Have fun...

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